John VaillantJohn Vaillant is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The New Yorker,  The Atlantic, National Geographic, and Outside, among others.  His first book, The Golden Spruce (Norton, 2005), was a bestseller and won several awards, including the Governor General’s Award for Non-Fiction (Canada).  His most recent book, The Tiger (Knopf, 2010), is also an award-winning bestseller. Of particular interest to Vaillant are stories that explore collisions between human ambition and the natural world.

Zak GreantZak Greant is a Canadian technologist, professional speaker and electronic frontier advocate, probably best known for his work with the Mozilla Foundation, MySQL AB and other key free software and open source organizations. Greant’s public advocacy and speaking work has focused on free software and open source evangelism, internet literacy, digital civil liberties and as well as free software and open source licensing.


Anoop Atre

Anoop Atre is currently a systems administrator at Equinox Software. He has been installing, maintaining & supporting Evergreen systems of various scales and worked within the Evergreen project for about 4 years. Anoop was instrumental in the Evergreen Project’s website infrastructure changes and remains an active participant in ongoing web-team activities.

Tony Bandy

Currently working at OHIONET as a library consultant and general technologist, Tony Bandy is the program manager for the Ohio Evergreen COOL consortium.

Josh Berkus

Josh Berkus is best known for being on the Core Team of the world-spanning PostgreSQL database project. He is CEO of PostgreSQL Experts Inc., where he helps clients deploy PostgreSQL for websites, retail stores, data warehouses, power plants … and libraries! Josh’s wife is studying for her MLS, so he has a keen interest in better library software.

Jeff Bond

Jeffrey is a software developer at Catalyst IT Services Portland Development Center. He is responsible for developing and implementing new features and enhancements in Evergreen. Jeff has been a world-ranked gamer and he is pursuing a career in database administration. He is a 2nd year student in the Computer Science program at Portland State University.

Shauna Borger

Shauna Borger is program coordinator for Evergreen Indiana, a resource sharing consortium of 100 public, school and special libraries across Indiana that utilize Evergreen ILS to ship hundreds of thousands of library items to patrons all over the state. After receiving her MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2009, Shauna has worked with digital content management systems, archival materials and has most recently begun traveling around the state of Indiana to provide professional development training for librarians and library staff.

Andrea Buntz Neiman

Andrea is currently the Librarian for Technical and Public Services at Kent County Public Library in rural Chestertown, Maryland. While initially trained as a cataloger, she now oversees all aspects of Cataloging, ILL, Circulation, and Reference at KCPL. KCPL has been on Evergreen since June 2008 and is the only public library in Maryland using an open source ILS. Along with her former colleague Karen Collier, Andrea initiated KCPL’s Evergreen project and Andrea and Karen have spoken at many conferences & meetings about Evergreen and open source. Andrea continues to serve as the local Evergreen administrator.

David Busby

I’m a software developer/systems engineer who’s been working on the “Open Stack” since leaving Microsoft in 2000. Since then I’ve worked with scores of organizations implementing free software into their infrastructure and providing custom software development solutions. In 2011 KCLS recruited me to get involved with Evergreen and within a year I had some patches committed into master! My development environment is Gentoo (server,desktop) with jEdit; I enjoy trying new things including Solr for Search, Self Checkout powered by RasberryPi and web-interfaces for staff operations.

Galen Charlton

Galen Charlton is Manager of Implementation at Equinox Software and has worked in the the library software industry for the past 14 years, focusing on data migration and ILS implementations. Galen is a committer with the Evergreen project and a contributor and past release manager for the Koha project.

Alissa Cherry

Alissa Cherry is the Resource Centre Director for the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs (UBCIC). She manages a unique library collection and institutional archives that is used primarily for land claims research. Alissa is a founding member of the BC Digitization Coalition, a member of the Academy of Certified Archivists, and holds an MLIS from the University of British Columbia (UBC). Prior to joining the UBCIC in 2006, Alissa worked for both the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society and Xwi7xwa Library at UBC, and spent six years managing the Yellowstone Research Library in Yellowstone National Park.

Jeff Davis

Jeff Davis is a systems librarian with the BC Libraries Cooperative. He has been maintaining, supporting, and migrating data into a large consortial implementation of Evergreen since 2008. He is a former chair of the BC Library Association’s Information Policy Committee, and a co-founder and current director of the Vancouver Hack Space.

Shannon Dineen

Shannon Dineen is a librarian with experience working in library technology, public, academic and health sciences libraries. Her experience with Sitka dates back to the initial implementations of Evergreen in BC libraries in 2007, giving her a valuable depth of knowledge of Sitka.

Joshua Drake

Joshua D. Drake is a long time PostgreSQL Contributor. He is the lead consultant of Command Prompt, Inc. and a Director for Software in the Public Interest and United States PostgreSQL. Command Prompt, Inc., is the oldest dedicated PostgreSQL Consultancy and has been Consulting with Open Source since 1997.

Grace Dunbar

No bio available.

John Durno

John Durno is IT Coordinator for the University of Victoria Libraries, where he oversees the unit responsible for library computing technologies, advises on the deployment of technologies furthering the Libraries’ mission and goals, and manages technology projects. Prior to joining UVic in 2006, he worked for the BC ELN consortium as a project coordinator and web developer.

Bill Erickson

Bill is one of the original designers and developers of Evergreen and co-founder of Equinox Software, which provides services for libraries using Evergreen and Koha. As a senior software developer at Equinox, he focuses on application development and customization. His recent development efforts have focused primarily on acquisitions/EDI and, prior that, the Template Toolkit OPAC.

Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley

Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley is a software developer and a contributor to the open source Evergreen ILS. Since getting started with open source technology in 1996, Lebbeous has written software serving areas from the information security sector to the library profession. In his current role with Equinox Software, he is particularly interested in encouraging information sharing among the library community and in increasing the number of contributors of code and documentation to the Evergreen project.

James Fournie

James Fournie is a technology consultant and software developer for the B.C. Libraries Cooperative as well as the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs. James is interested in digital collections, UI design, and analytics. Originally from London ON, James obtained his MLIS from McGill University where he also worked for the McGill Digital Collections Program.

Jeff Godin

Jeff Godin hacks on Evergreen as a member of the Traverse Area District Library (TADL) Technology team. He has been submitting patches to Evergreen since 2008, and recently became a core committer to the project. He enjoys taking things apart to see how they work. Jeff and his family live in Traverse City, Michigan.

Rogan Hamby

Rogan Hamby is the Manager of the Headquarters Library and Reference Services for York County Public Libraries in South Carolina. He came to York from being the Director of Information Technologies and Strategies at the South Carolina State Library. Rogan is also the Director of Operations for SCLENDS, a consortium of public libraries in South Carolina using the Evergreen ILS. In 2011, Rogan was named a Mover and Shaker by Library Journal and regularly publishes and presents about the role of technology and public service.

Sharon Herbert

Sharon Herbert has been Sitka Manager with the BC Libraries Cooperative since the project’s inception in 2007. Prior to joining Sitka, she was Manager of Bibliographic Services at the Burlington Public Library and Coordinator of Library Systems and Support Services with the Peel District School Board. Sharon has also worked as an adult education instructor, cataloguer, records officer and consultant.

Robin Johnson

Robin Johnson has been a system administrator & DBA for the BC Libraries Cooperative since 2011. He is also heavily involved in the open source world: amongst other projects, he was one of the early developers of phpMyAdmin; as well spending the last decade involved in the Gentoo Linux distribution: as a senior developer, technical council member, lead system administrator, and one of present board trustees of Gentoo’s non-profit foundation.

Angela Kilsdonk

Angela Kilsdonk is the Education Manager at Equinox Software. She has experience training on Evergreen, Koha, and FulfILLment in academic, special, and public libraries. Angela received a Master of Library Science with a specialization in Digital Libraries and a Master of Arts in Russian History from Indiana University and a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Melissa Lefebvre

Melissa Lefebvre began working with Evergreen in 2009 as Project Manager for BibliOak, a Bibliomation pilot project which migrated a total of ten public libraries and one school system to Evergreen. After the successful completion of the BibliOak project, she was Project Manager for the migration of Bibliomation’s member libraries to Evergreen. She then transitioned into her current role as Evergreen Support Manager at Bibliomation, where she assists consortium members, contributes code to Evergreen master, and works on various development projects.

Shirley Lew

Shirley Lew is Coordinator of Library Systems & Technical Services at Vancouver Community College. She developed and taught a course in Library Automation & Systems at the iSchool at SLAIS, featuring an instance of Evergreen and Koha.

Kathy Lussier

Kathy Lussier is the coordinator of the Massachusetts Library Network Cooperative (MassLNC), a collaboration among three Massachusetts consortia that are running Evergreen. Kathy has led several Evergreen development projects for MassLNC, including extensive Vandelay enhancements, support for SMS, and staff client improvements. She is also an active participant for DIG.

Jed Moffitt

Jed Moffitt has been the Director of Information Technology Services for the King County Library System (KCLS) since 1999. KCLS is a large and centrally coordinated collection of 47 libraries in the greater Puget Sound area of western Washington. With an annual circulation of over 22 million items, KCLS is always among the busiest library systems in America. KCLS is recognized nationally for library technology innovation. Noteworthy initiatives during Jed’s tenure include the development of a first-of-its-kind central sorting system for automating the distribution of library materials and the overnight fulfillment of the 6 million holds annually placed by system patrons. More recently, KCLS has been a leader in the substantial development build-out of the Evergreen open-source library system and community. This leadership includes co-authorship of an IMLS grant focused on making it easy for public libraries to adopt an Integrated Library System that is both highly functional, and available freely and without licensing fees to all public libraries interested in taking charge of their automated future. Prior to KCLS Jed spent 10 years in the Library Automation industry in a variety of technical and management capacities as one of the first employees of Dynix Inc. back in the old days when grass grew wild and green and rivers ran free. He will beat you at tennis or play jazz piano for you anytime at your request.

Chauncey Montgomery

Chauncey Montgomery has worked in libraries for over 20 years and is currently director of the Community Library in Sunbury, Ohio. Along with OHIONET, Community Library helped form Ohio’s first Evergreen consortium, the Consortium of Ohio Libraries, of which Chauncey is currently chair.

Scott Myers

Scott Myers is a Technical Lead at Catalyst IT Services and is based in Catalyst’s Portland, Oregon development center. He is currently overseeing the Evergreen development team responsible for designing improvements and managing day to day Evergreen development. Prior to joining Catalyst in 2012, Scott worked for Micronet Communications designing automated applications to streamline microwave networks in all FCC controlled frequencies. He served as Technical Team Lead for NewMediaGateway managing their Digital Marketing Center (DMC) software team. The DMC system helped facilitate marketing needs of clients such as ING and Dairy Queen. Scott started his career with Aviation Supplies and Academics working to add additional functionality to their flight simulator specifically adding a glass cockpit to each aircraft. Scott earned his BS in Software Engineering at Montana Tech in Butte, Montana.

Bill Ott

Bill Ott is the information systems manager for the Grand Rapids Public Library (GRPL), Grand Rapids, Michigan. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and has been with the library for 17 years. He and his wife Lori have 3 boys and are avid runners and triatheletes. Bill is training to run his first full-marathon in 2013.

Brian Owen

Brian Owen is the Associate University Librarian for Technology Services and Special Collections at the SFU Library. He is also the Managing Director for the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). He is an Associate with SFU’s Canadian Centre for Studies in Publishing and SFU’s Master of Publishing Program. In 2007, Brian received the Award for Distinguished Service to Research Librarianship from the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL).

Tara Robertson

Tara has been involved with the Evergreen project in some way for 6 years: initially doing training and support for Sitka, then migrating the Emily Carr University library system to Evergreen and now helping to organize this conference. Tara is based at Langara College doing format shifting and accessibility work for students at 20 colleges and universities at CILS.

Erica Rohlfs

Erica Rohlfs is an Education Specialist at Equinox Software. As a trainer, she brings with her the unique experience of having worked within a public library utilizing Evergreen for over five years. She earned her MLIS with a concentration in Digital Libraries from Drexel University. She graduated summa cum laude with a dual BA in English and Political Science from the University of West Georgia. Prior to becoming a librarian, she served six years in the United States Navy as an Aegis SPY Radar and 2M Technician.

Mike Rylander

Mike Rylander was part of the original team of Evergreen developers and a founder of Equinox Software. Since 2007, he has supported and overseen development projects for Evergreen Installations world wide. He currently serves as the Director of Development and Technology for ESI and is a committed and passionate voice in the Open Source Community.

Dan Scott

Dan has been the Systems Librarian for Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario since 2006. Since 2007, he has been one of the core developers of the Evergreen library system. As both a librarian and a developer, he is a tad obsessed with information retrieval and metadata/microdata standards. Outside of Evergreen, most of his visible work revolves around the arcane MARC21 format, with contributions to the corresponding Perl, Python, PHP, and Go packages.

Chris Sharp

No bio available.

Benjamin Shum

Benjamin Shum is the Open Source Software Coordinator for Bibliomation, Inc., a consortium of public and school libraries in Connecticut that implemented Evergreen ILS in March 2010. Benjamin is an active member of the Evergreen development team assisting with daily bug wrangling, troubleshooting, and testing of new patches and developments. He was elected to become one of the latest Evergreen core committers in October 2012.

Tim Spindler

Tim Spindler is currently the Manager of Library Applications at C/W MARS. C/W MARS is a consortium of public and academic libraries in central and western Massachusetts comprising 147 libraries which migrated to Evergreen over Memorial Day weekend in 2012. Tim has 20 years of experience working in libraries and archives with a wide variety of organizations including museums, a historical society, and academic institutions. In his studies, Tim has received an MA in history, MLIS, and an MBA in management information systems.

Robin Stahly

Rob is responsible for the Catalyst IT Services Portland development center and managing client engagements and relationships in the western US, as well as ensuring the consistent quality of client services processes across the enterprise. In other words, Rob is responsible for making sure that clients are so thrilled with our company that they can’t imagine accepting less from another vender ever again. Prior to joining Catalyst in 2011, Rob oversaw project managers and analysts at WebMD and led the organization’s Project Center of Excellence, as well as managing WebMD’s relationships with the largest health plans in the country. Previous roles include Vice President at a business process outsourcing firm focused on the health and education sectors, and strategy and operations roles in a range of organizations that include TEKsystems and Computer Sciences Corporation. Rob has a Master of Business Administration from Johns Hopkins University with a concentration in Management Information Systems and a Bachelor of Arts from Northern Illinois University. He is PMP certified, a Certified Scrum Master, and has an IT/IS Project Management Master Certificate from Villanova University.

Amy Terlaga

Amy has worked at Bibliomation in various roles for the past sixteen years. Bibliomation is a multi-type consortium, consisting of 60 public libraries and 21 K-12 schools. She currently manages Bibliomation’s User Services department and the implementation of various software services and development projects for their member libraries. She received her MLS from Southern CT State University in 1995, and her BA from the College of William & Mary in 1989. Amy is currently co-planning the 2014 Evergreen conference – Boston.

Vyacheslav Tykhonov

Vyacheslav Tykhonov is a software developer for the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences. He works for the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where he did the first migration to Evergreen 2.0.3 in 2011 and most recent migration to Evergreen 2.2 rc1 in January 2013. He is developing tools for Digital Humanities based on Evergreen library system. Vyacheslav received his MSc degree from National Technical University of Ukraine and worked for search engines companies in the past.

John van Rassel

No bio available.

Dan Wells

Dan Wells is a library software developer at the Hekman Library (Calvin College) in Grand Rapids, MI. When he became heavily involved in Evergreen serials in 2009, he didn’t really realize what he was getting himself into, and he still doesn’t know.